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Bob Danziger is a regional film maker, musician, composer and writer, living and working in the Monterey area. In 2011 California State University at Monterey Bay (CSUMB) awarded him an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts for Music, Invention and Pioneering Sustainable Energy. In 2013 Bob was CSUMB’s Commencement speaker.  He received the Pinnacle of Exellence award from Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula in 2018, and in 2019 the RND Amphitheater at CSUMB was named after him.

Robert Danziger produced eight short films for the 2017 Monterey Jazz Festival on Dizzy Gillespie, Herbie Hancock, Clayton-Hamilton Clayton, the Next Generation Jazz Orchestra, Regina Carter, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Masterpieces of Monterey Art and Photography, and Thelonious Monk. In 2014 and 2015 he produced 27 films to accompany the City of Monterey’s Monterey Pops! 4th of July celebration concerts.  Robert Danziger previously composed soundscapes for the Monterey Museum of Art’s exhibition “Painting by Moonlight,” three for the National Steinbeck Center, and two for the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.  The Steinbeck’s Chinatown soundscapes explored the Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Mexican history of music and sound in the Monterey area over the last 500 years. Between 2011 and 2016 he wrote a jazz-classical crossover version of the Brandenburg Concertos for any two instruments playing in any octave. Recording and orchestration of the “Brandenburg 300 Project” versions used instruments and techniques not available in Bach’s time.

Breaking his back shortly after turning 18 (in 1971), Bob began his music career the next year recruited in to the Cecil Taylor Orchestra at Antioch College.  He later passed the College Equivalency exam and went to Whittier Law School, where he wrote the first law review article on alternative energy.  After passing the bar, he joined Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Systems Analysis Section just days before Voyager’s flyby of Jupiter.  The first music on Voyager’s Golden Record is the Brandenburg Concerto.  In 1987 he received the Gold Medal for Best Original Music at the New York Film Festival while CEO and founder of a sustainable energy company.   He holds 10 patents, has given away over 65 million milkweed and wildflower seeds to support the Monarch Butterfly and other pollinators.

Lives in Carmel, California, with his wife, art historian Martha Drexler Lynn, Ph.D.

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Curriculum Vitae

Robert Nathan Danziger; J.D., D.F.A. (hon)

Selected CSUMB Events: 

  • RND Amphitheater named for Robert Nathan Danziger
  • Keynote speaker, California State University Monterey Bay Commencement (May 2013)
  • Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree received from California State University Monterey Bay for work in music, invention, and pioneering sustainable energy (September 2011).

Employment History


    • Sunlaw Energy Corporation (and affiliated companies such as Sunlaw Cogeneration Partners and Goal Line Environmental Technology) 1980 – 2005, Vernon, California.

    • Systems Analysis, Project Management and Consulting.  Selected projects and technologies included: solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, space-based energy systems; alternative energy regulatory design and analysis; future projection; electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles; International Space Station privatization.
    • Employed from 1978 – 1980; Consultant from 1980 – 1986.

    • Data Processing Manager (1975 – 1978)

Teaching and Lecturing: 

Jazz and the Brandenburg Concerto (Fall 2019); Jazz and Jazz Stories, CSUMB OLLI, 2019.  Panetta Institute, Panel member and Question Selection Committee, 2010 Panetta Institute Lecture Series, The Second Decade 2010 – 2020. Our Environment: Can we Save the Planet that Sustains Us? Lecturer, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Cal-State University Monterey Bay, From Electric Vehicles To The Smart Grid: The Evolving Framework for New Energy Technology, October 2009.   Also in 2009 gave the lecture “The Emerging Framework for New Energy and Environmental Technologies,” at Stanford University, California Institute of Technology – Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Monterey High School, Carmel Foundation, Retired Military Officers Association.   Previously a Lecturer at Stanford University at Hopkins Marine Station and the Genetics Department (2003 to 2009); Adjunct Professor – Alternative Energy law at Whittier College School of Law (1980 to 1982); and, teacher in the Solar Energy Installers Course in the Prison Industries program at Corona-Norco State Prison (1980).  Also lectured at Rice University, UCLA, and Pepperdine.

Consultant, lawyer, inventor, and/or member of advisory board:

Examples are Khosla Ventures (biotech due diligence); Jet Propulsion Laboratory (smart grid); National Semiconductor (smart grid), Goal Line Environmental Technology (catalysis, nanotechnology), Calera (cement from seawater and CO2), Gridpoint (smart grid, electric and hybrid vehicles); Google (electric and hybrid vehicles), Carmel Highlands Inventions (electricity from the non-carbon portions of coal, acid mine drainage remediation, in-situ coal gasification); and Cogentrix (CO2 management options for coal-fired power plants focusing on making wood or masonry-substitute materials from greenhouse gasses). Expert witness for the U.S. House of Representatives on the impact of tax policy on research and development (1980 – 1981).

Publications (Selected):

Brandenburg 300 Project (2013); (a printed verion of the website)

Steinbeck and the Sounds of the Filipino American Experience (2012).  For the National Steinbeck Center Exhibition “Filipino Voices Past and Present.”  This book also incorporates Japantown in Chinatown (2011).  For the National Steinbeck Center ExhibitionJapanese History in Salinas Chinatown.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Energy Independence (2010); and

“The SCONOx Catalytic Absorption System for Natural Gas Fired Power Plants: The Pursuit of Zero Emissions” presentation to Air and Waste Management Association, June 14 – 18, 1998 in San Diego.

The Rules Implementing Sections 201 and 210 of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978: A Regulatory History, published  by Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, JPL Publication 80-64, 1980.

Additional publications not listed.

Music and Video:   (also see Video Links page)

  • Monterey Pops: In 2014 and 2015 performed at Monterey’s 4th of July celebrations on the “1812 Overture” playing the cannons and bells. Produced fifteen videos in 2014 and twelve in 2015 on the theme of “The Things We Share: Monterey’s Family Album” to accompany the music selections on the big screen over the orchestra.
  • Brandenburg 300 Project: Primary focus between 2010 and 2014 was a jazz-classical crossover version of the Brandenburg Concertos using instruments and recording techniques unavailable in Bach’s time. Now available as a double CD or downloads.  Additionally, nine Brandenburg 300 Project videos current running on YouTube, three of which were selected for inclusion in the 2014 Monarch Film Festival, and one in the 2015 Festival.
  • National Steinbeck Center: Produced a film, wrote two supplementary exhibition books, and composed the music and sound for three exhibitions (2010 to 2012) at the NSC about the communities who historically lived in or were touched by Chinatown in Salinas.
    • The sound sculpture Steinbeck’s Chinatown was composed as part of an exhibition program by the National Steinbeck Center and CSUMB in Salinas, California. Steinbeck’s Chinatown ran from April to July at the National Steinbeck Center. The 2010 sound sculpture focused on the Chinese families that lived in the Monterey area generally and Salinas’ Chinatown specifically.
    • In 2011 Japantown in Chinatown accompanied the National Steinbeck Center Exhibition “Japanese History in Salinas Exhibition and sound sculpture focused on the Japanese families inand around Chinatown.
    • In 2012, Steinbeck and the Sounds of the Filipino American Experience for the National Steinbeck Center Exhibition “Filipino Voices Past and Present.
  • Monterey Museum of Art: Composed the soundscape entitled “1910 Nocturne” for the Monterey Museum of Art exhibition “Painting by Moonlight.” (2009).


  • Oklahoma City Museum of Art:soundscape for the exhibition, “Illuminations: Rediscovering the Art of Dale Chihuly”
  • International Film & Television Festival of New York:Awarded the Gold Medal for Best Original Music in 1987 for the short-form video “Sunlaw Cogeneration” that documented the building of the first private cogeneration powerplant to supply electricity to a public utility using gas turbine using combined cycle jet engine technology. The plant set numerous performance, environmental and financial records and has been copied thousands of times in over 100 countries.

Albums on iTunes, CD Baby, and other download sites under the name Bob Danziger or Brandenburg 300 Project

Community and Philanthropy (selected):

  • California State University Monterey Bay (“CSUMB”) including: Permanent annual funding of program where the Artist-in-Residence for the Monterey Jazz Festival is named Artist-in-Residence for CSUMB and gives a Master Class and Concert; Legacy gift to continue support of the Concert and for CSUMB to give to the Monterey Jazz Festival for mutually benefical programs; Member, California State University at Monterey Board Foundation Board (2015 – 2017); Library contributions; Purchased memberships to OLLI for teachers and first responders (cost <$5,000) in such a way that it allowed OLLI to apply for and receive a $980,000 grant; Legacy gift; etc..
  • Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (“CHOMP”): Provided permanent funds for the purchase of tickets for Dishwashers and Janitors and their families to the Monterey Jazz Festival; Legacy gift to support music programs at CHOMP; health care for working musicians; health care for indigent families with children; provided kalimbas to be used in the birthing center, hospice, and other areas by patients; “Pinnacle of Excellence Award” Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, 2018 for creativity in philanthropy; etc..
  • “Spirit of Life Award” City of Hope, approximately 1988.
  • Volunteer, Dialysis Unit, Cedars-Sunai Hospital (Los Angeles) and Hospital ISSTE (Mexico City).
  • Monterey Jazz Festival (“MJF”): Volunteered to scan 61 years of programs and thousands of photographs for its archives; Legacy contribution through CSUMB to support mutually beneficial programs and the Artist-in-Residence concert series.
  • Given away over 65 million seeds to support Monarch butterfly, hummingbird and bee populations.
  • Planted 150,000 trees in the Mattole Valley, some of which served to help rehabilitate the spawning grounds of the Mattole Salmon.
  • Shades of L.A. Project: Principal sponsor of L.A. County Library Project to collect over 10,000 pre-1960 photogtraphs of all the different ethnic communities in Los Angeles.
  • Vernon Elementary School: Adopted the school and provided a library, science classes, music programs, student art made into murtals in the community; career day programs and field trips.
  • And other charitable activities


Ten patents issued.  Also have had involvement with hundreds of research and development activities, including unique musical instruments and a range of energy, environmental, process and other projects.

Link to Additional Data on Inventions

  • Three patents are for a method of making high-quality cement from the greenhouse gases and other pollutants from power plants.
  • Three patents are for catalyst chemistry for ultra-low emissions from gas-fired power plants, and
  • Two for mechanical systems for pollution control, including one that has been used for carbon capture.
  • The ninth patent is for making electricity from the non-carbon parts of coal while simultaneously de-acidifying acid mine drainage.
  • The tenth  patent is for “The Walking Chair,” a medical assistive device I invented to help with my back problems.


  • U.S. Patent #5,451,558
    • “Process for the Reaction and Absorption of Gaseous Air Pollutants, Apparatus Therefore and Method of Making the Same,” September 19, 1995.
  • U.S. Patent #5,650,127
    • “NOx Removal Process,” July 22, 1997.
  • U.S. Patent #5,607,650
    • “Apparatus for Removing Contaminants from Gaseous Stream,” March 4, 1997.
  • U.S. Patent #5,665,321
    • “Process for the reaction and absorption of gaseous air pollutants, apparatus therefor and method.”  September 9, 1997
  • U.S. Patent #5,762,885
    • “Apparatus for Removing Contaminants from Gaseous Stream,” June 9, 1998.


  • U.S. Patent# 7,887,694 B2.
    • “Method of Sequestering CO2.” Production of cement from seawater and CO2 from powerplants and other sources. February 15, 2011
  • U.S. Patent #8,333,944
    • Methods of sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2) are provided. Aspects of the methods include precipitating a storage stable carbon dioxide sequestering product from an alkaline-earth-metal-containing water and then disposing of the product, e.g., by placing the product in a disposal location or using the product as a component of a manufactured composition. December 18, 2012
  • U.S. Patent #7,966,250
    • CO2 commodity trading system and method: “A system and method of generating and trading a CO2 commodity that is correlated to a quantified amount of CO.sub.2 sequestered in a CO2 sequestering product comprising a carbonate and/or a bicarbonate. The tradable commodity can be purchased or sold for use in managing CO2.” June 21, 2011


  • U.S. Patent# 7,883,802 B2;
    • “Systems and Methods for Electrochemical Power Generation,” February 8, 2011


  • U.S. Patent# 7.481,445 B1
    • “Combination Walker and Wheelchair with Improved Ergonomic Design,” January 27, 2009

Honors and Awards:

  • Pinnacle of Excellence Award for Creative Philanthropy, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, 2018
  • Commencement Speaker; California State University Monterey Bay; 2013
  • Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts; California State University Monterey Bay; September 2011
  • Established Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lowest Achievable Emissions Rate (LAER) designation for NOx, CO, and ammonia, and established new Best Available Control Technology (BACT) standard
  • Set several world records for safety, reliability, capacity factor, and emissions reductions
  • Designated a “Pioneer Qualifying Facility” by the California Public Utilities Commission
  • Clean Air Award, South Coast Air Quality Management District (1998)
  • City of Los Angeles Commendation by the City Council (council members from the 6th, 10th, and 11thdistricts) “for good citizenship, social conscience and many contributions to making people breathe easier through the development of forward-looking innovative pollution-control equipment for industrial applications” (June 7, 1996)
  • ASCAP Special Award for Adult Alternative, Jazz, World, Special Event, Movie, or Television (July 1996)
  • Spirit of Life Award given by the City of Hope.  Approximately 1988
  • Gold Medal for Best Original Music by the International Film & Television Festival of New York (1987).



Whittier Law School

JD, Alternative Energy Law, 1975–1978, Law Review

Private Tutors

Chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, 1975–1977

Committee of Bar Examiners

College equivalency exam, 1975


Lives in Carmel, California, with his wife, art historian Martha Drexler Lynn, Ph.D.