Inventing and being around people who invent has been the dominant part of my life.  The following pages ae examples of the kinds of work I did or was around.

The first day I worked at JPL my boss called  me in and asked me, “How do you build a ladder to the moon?”  He said it didn’t matter if it was super-expensive, or required materials not available on earth, just – is there a way to do it?

The point he was making is that nothing is impossible.  It may be impractical, but it’s possible.

This was important because JPL’s charter did not allow it to work on things that private industry could do.  In other words, everything we worked on was impossible to somebody.

What a great lesson he taight me . . .


Bob Danziger Inventions C.V.

Walking Chair

Golf Clubs for people with disabilities like mine

Voyager Interstellar Satellite Project