CSU Trustee Vote on Naming of RND Amphitheater

July 23, 2019

Chairperson Jean Firstenberg

The first action item is a facility naming request from Cal-State Monterey Bay.  Vice-Chancellor Garret Ashley will you kindly present the request?

Vice-Chancellor Garret Ashley

Thank you Trustee Firstenberg.  This item will consider naming the amphitheater in the Academic III building at Cal-State Monterey Bay as the RND Amphitheater.  The Academic III building will open in Fall 2019 and be the home of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.  The building’s lobby and art gallery will lead out in to the amphitheater, which will be used for campus events and conversation.  The proposed naming recognizes the $4 million irrevocable gift from Robert Nathan Danziger to support the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences collaboration with the Monterey Jazz Festival, and an unrestricted fund to address areas of greatest need on campus.  I now turn this over to President Ochoa to say a few words.

President Eduardo Ochoa

Thank you.  Robert Danziger is a remarkable individual, who overcame a difficult challenge, to [have] remarkable achievements as a filmmaker, musician, composer, writer, inventor, and philanthropist.  As a young man he played bass with the famous, trailblazing Cecil Taylor Jazz Quartet [sic, actually Orchestra].  He went on to get his J.D. from Whittier Law School, carried out studies in physics, chemistry, and engineering, joined the Jet Propulsion Laboratory during Voyager’s Jupiter mission, founded and managed a sustainable energy company, and obtained multiple patents.

As a philanthropist he has supported the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, and CSU Monterey Bay, among others.  He is currently funding an artist-in-residence program, which is a collaboration of CSU Monterey Bay and the Monterey Jazz Festival. He served on the Board of the University Foundation where he provided thoughtful perspective on strategic issues for the University.  He is a person of insatiable intellectual curiosity and multifarious interests, talents and many other accomplishments beyond those I’ve outlined here.  A true Renaissance man.  The University is fortunate to be the beneficiary of his interest and engagement.

We’re also grateful for the support of and advice of his wife, author and arts scholar Martha Drexler Lynn.  Robert and Martha’s $4 million gift will be an endowment that will provide permanent funding to support the development of music and arts programs on our campus, promote campus – community arts collaborations, and provide flexible funding to address emerging needs.

We are deeply grateful for Bob and Martha’s confidence and support of CSU Monterey Bay.


Chairperson Jean Firstenberg

Thank you.  The naming of the RND Amphitheater at California State University Monterey Bay is an action item before the Committee on Institutional Advancement.  Only Committee members may vote.  May I have a Motion?  Second?  Any discussion?

All in favor?  (aye)



The naming of the RND Amphitheater is approved.